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General Information

In 2005 under the leadership of Academician A.N. Sissakian a development program for the Institute was elaborated and proposed with the aim to carrying out advanced experimental research at the JINR facilities. The main point of the program is construction of an accelerator-accumulator complex and experimental facilities for studies of baryonic matter fundamental properties.

According to modern theoretical concepts matter exists in several phases – hadron substance, quark-gluon matter and an intermediate mixed phase (see the diagram).

Official website: nica.jinr.ru

Nuclear matter has not been studied thoroughly yet at high baryonic density, which is experimentally performed at high energy heavy ion collisions.

    The fundamental problems that need to be studied in this field are briefly formulated as follows:
  • search and study of new phases of baryonic matter, which have not been observed before;
  • understanding nature of bonds between quarks in nucleons;
  • search for the reasons of symmetry violations in strong interactions, explaining the mechanism of emergence of the World, consisting of matter at the absence of antimatter in our part of the Universe.

Phase diagram of baryonic states

The NICA complex layout