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About NSWW.org

This project "Nuclear Science and Technology" was established by National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Brookhaven National Laboratory (STAR Collaboration), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and InterGraphics, LLC in 2014.

The key idea of the project is to gather information from different areas of nuclear science and technologies (experiments, detectors, events and so on). Spread the knowledge around the world, share with students and school children, connect them with the international collaborations and help to understand complicated things.

The accuracy of the information is verified by the scentists from the exact institutions it came from. List of the authors will be added below.

If you want to reach out the world with your experiment/institution feel free to contact us.

NSWW Team: Nikita Sidorov, Anna Komarova, Evgeny Dolgy, Dennis Sadovsky, Kseniya Klygina, Alexander Shilov.

NSWW Scientific Consultants: Yury Panebrattsev, Mikhail Strikhanov, Zhangbu Xu, Vadim Babkin.